My story begins many years in the making ; last two years my cataracts had progressed so much it was like looking through a fogged up window. And I stayed like this out of fear of surgery ( what was I thinking). Well I mustered all my courage and went in for a consultation. Right from the get go, I was greeted by Miss Cybil and she was so fantastic and reassured me I had made the right choice. She was so caring and understanding. She was able to process my paperwork through the VA system flawlessly. Then I spoke to Dr. Gadlin, he was so attentive to my needs and concerns (fears). He performed multiple test to determine the true status of my eye. Yup, I was a perfect candidate for cataract surgery. He explained everything from A to Z . Show me the procedures that were to take place during surgery and most important addressed my fear of surgery.
His hands were so precise and delicate during surgery and truly, in a 1 to 9 scale of pain I was a zero. Wow! and over in 20 to 25 minutes. The next day I was speechless, my sight was so perfect and the colors were so vibrant and best of all no fog! If you need a good eye surgeon, hands down the best in Athens. For me, I did my homework before selecting a Doctor and all of my research pointed to Dr. Gadlin; and you know what, it was the best decision I ever made. Every one was so professional, all the way down to the great folks at Anesthesia Consultants of Athens. Thank you , thank you for I can now see normal again.

Kudos to Dr. Gadlin
Dr. Gadlin provides professional and excellent care to his patients! He has been my ophthalmologist for 3 years. I can see clearly after he performed cataract surgery on me over a year ago, and he has managed my glaucoma well.
He never leaves an issue or any concern unresolved. He always answers questions in a manner which is never hurried. His demeanor is one of great care for all his patients! I recommend his practice to everyone. BTW: My wife loves receiving eye care from Dr. Gadlin as well.
David Hancock

David H.
Always positively refreshing to have a medical professional such as Dr.Scotty Gadlin providing top-drawer treatment. He is thorough, compassionate and highly skilled. He listens and responds to his patients’ satisfaction. My wife and I have recommended Dr. Gadlin to many others, and we will continue doing so. Honestly, he treats us like family.

Thomas G.
Made me feel at ease explained each step of the procedure in depth and asked constantly reassured me

Pamela C.
Very good Dr.

Benjamin H. | Oct 02, 2023
I had a great experience

Jerry W. | Oct 01, 2023
Two days post-op cataract surgery, my eye feels good, can see fairly well with my old glasses. After surgery had to leave the surgical center and go to Dr. Gadlin’s office for the eye drops I needed to use for the next few weeks. His office advised my 3-day post-op appt was cancelled and advised to go back to the surgery center after couple of hours for an eye pressure check. Was then told to return in 3-4 weeks for new glasses RX but no appt date was given. Dr. Gadlin’s office advised me to call if I have any eye problems. So I feel the surgery went well but the follow-up remains uncertain for now.

Coralie G. | Oct 01, 2023
Very professional

Rhonda J. | Sep 30, 2023
Short and sweet.

Ronald M. | Sep 28, 2023
Very responsable nice I like it,

Luis T. | Sep 28, 2023
Very good and patient

James L. | Sep 25, 2023
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Gadlin for nearly seven years. My eyesight has never been better. He has and continues to provide excellent care.

Marvin E. | Sep 25, 2023
Very good

Beverly S. | Sep 22, 2023